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Q: If I get the monthly am I under contract to continue or can I stop anytime.

A: You can stop at anytime, you are under no contract. Remember, you will have my office phone and cell phone to call and text me at any time.

Q: Do you have Video training and full support for this product?

A: Yes, we have videos, Zoom training, and you can call, text, or email to get your questions answered.

Q: How much time does this take a day to run this?

A: About 5 minutes.

Q: I have used Social systems in the past that got my account closed. How can I be sure this will not get me banned?

A: We have been doing this for several years with thousands of customers. We have a "Human Emulation system" programmed to replicate the actions of a human. No one gets banned. It even takes "bathroom breaks".

Q: IQ: Will you help me with my messaging? I am not sure how to approach prospects using a social messaging system.

A: Yes, during Zoom training we will show you how to connect to your exact target market and help you develop a message to make a positive first contact with your prospects.

Steve Martile, Owner Freedom Education Inc.

I've been using Kevin's Fresh Lead Generator for 9 months now, and we've had 1,000's of new email Opt-Ins, 100+ qualified sales calls and have driven tens of thousands of dollars in new sales revenue for our clients. I highly recommend Fresh Lead Generator!

John L.

I am a digital marketing professional and I have been using Fresh Lead Generator for a several months now. I use it to send messages to people on LinkedIn that I am not connected with. I have found that these messages generate a higher response rate than regular LinkedIn messages. I love the ability to quickly build a list of contacts while sending them direct messages. It is so easy to use, and it has been providing me with great results. Absolutely a marketing asset.

Fredric Schwartz Founder | Lead Strategist Brightstag Digital Marketing

Kevin's LinkedIn software has been a staple in my arsenal of tools to generate leads for both myself and clients for many years. It's enabled me to grow my agency as well as provide a done for you service for my b2b clients. Additionally, his products are unique and innovative. He is always responsive to support requests and makes sure his customers are taken care of at all times. He provides the secret sauce needed for massive success.

Entrepreneur Marketing and Sales Automation Lead Generation and Management Social Media Marketing

I have been marketing on LinkedIn for the last 10 years and have managed to accumulate 16k first-level connections. Unfortunately, the tools that LinkedIn provides to take advantage of the vast market there, (even the paid versions of LinkedIn), are sadly lacking. The only software I have found that understands LinkedIn and the best way to market there is Fresh Lead Generator from Kevin Perry. I have been using various forms of his software for several years now, and I have been pleased with the results. I have been able to generate leads on a consistent basis. Also, his support has been outstanding during this time. I highly recommend his software to anyone who wants to take advantage of the huge marketing potential that LinkedIn represents.

Larry G at Formula 2 Wealth International, LLC.

I have been getting different softwares from Kevin for many years. He has always created one for different areas that always got great results.

Mark 'MKWeb' Hultgren President - CEO MKW Industries, Inc. ->

I just wanted to say that I have been using Kevin's softwares (Yes, multiple software packages) for a few reasons, but the top reason is. They do exactly what he says they do. They are easy to install, configure and use and have paid for themselves many times over. Kevin is one of the very few developers that actually TALKS with you to find out any issues or if you have an idea of how to make the software better, if it needs more functionality, or what could make it easier to use. About all I can say is if you are thinking about getting one of Kevin's packages, you can't go wrong.

Jeff Poling

Kevin has been instrumental in GEN4's success. The software he produces is second to none. Not only is it stable and kept up to date at all times, the strategies it incorporates are killer. Kevin's helpdesk is very responsive which is rare in today's online world. I have appreciate all the business knowledge and online tactics he has presented to me over the years. I can think of only a few marketers who are honest, trust-worthy, and committed. Kevin is at the top of that pack. Thanks Kevin for everything you have done to make us a success and the tremendous value you continue to provide.